Nagual Woman…Nagual Woman…Nagual Woman…Nagual Woman…Nagual Woman
Carlos Castaneda’s successor. Master of The Art of Dreaming.

The Oracle.

Announcing the arrival of my book: Ascension: A Seeker’s Guide To Soul Liberation

Kindle is available for download. You can also request the book from the author directly, while she is still alive, by sending an email to:


To see a world in a grain of sand

And a heaven in a wild flower,

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand

And eternity in an hour.

-William Blake-


Please note: any commercials that may appear here, in my blog, have been implanted in it without my consent;including  ads for training and ads that carry the name nagual woman and Nagual Woman forum.I am not involved with any of the people, who try to exploit my blog.

Nagual Woman…Nagual Woman…Nagual Woman…Nagual Woman…Nagual Woman…

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dreams,dreamers,lucid dreaming

Enter a world of magic and wonder.

You are cordially invited to send me your dreams for interpretation, at:

Keep a dream diary next to your bed. Please record your dream(s) in the present tense and include a description of your feelings, body-sensations, thoughts and visions, upon waking. Just as is. It would help, if you set up the alarm clock to wake you up a couple of hours before your usual wake up time and stayed still and awake for a while, recalling your dream. Then change your body position and keep recalling. Now, write it down. Go back to sleep and dream more. Your last dream will be very clear. Write it down too.

Your dreams will not be shared with others without your permission. I respect your privacy and I never think that a dream is too strange or unacceptable. Studying dreams is the royal road to self knowledge.

The Oracle
Mayan goddess IXCHEL


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enlightenment and liberation


Know Thyself! Enlightenment and Soul Liberation.

Follow your heart…

Ascension and Soul Liberation:

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I AM THE ORACLE-a guide to the divine

Gloria Eagle…Gloria Eagle…Gloria Eagle!

I offer my assistance to those seeking healing and enlightenment.This is a complete path to personal liberation.I channel the vibrations of Venus.I was trained by Carlos Castaneda   in The Art Of Dreaming.This is The Dream of all dreams! I invite you to answer the riddles on my blog. Private consultations and courses are available. Registration via my Email:   Here is my book:

Peace from the heart of The Goddess.

Please note:The Oracle is a doctor of philosophy,as well.

Links:Venus.Moses.Carlos Castaneda. Goddess.

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Who Am I?


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What does one see, when one is not looking?

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How many angels can dance on the tip of a needle?

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