I AM THE ORACLE-a guide to the divine.I offer my assistance to those seeking healing and enlightenment.This is a complete path to personal liberation.I channel the vibrations of Venus.I was trained by Carlos Castaneda in the Art Of Dreaming.This is The Dream of all dreams! I invite you to answer the riddles on my blog. Private consultations and courses are available. Registration via my

Peace from the heart of The Goddess.

Please note:The Oracle is a doctor of philosophy,as well.

Links:Venus.Moses.Carlos Castaneda.Goddess.

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12 Responses to OracleDreamHealer

  1. oracledreamhealer says:

    How many angels can dance on the tip of a needle?

  2. What is the sound of three clapping hands?

  3. The Sage
    If you are looking for a sage;
    There is someone in the mountains
    and that someone is I.
    On which mountain?
    I do not know.
    I am drunk…
    and I did not have wine!

    • David says:

      `Love` is `life`. It is the pure energy that makes all the life forms live.While the ability to love is unlimited,each person has blocks,which reduce his capacity.Once there are no blocks,you get a free being and an expansion of love.
      Another definition for love is-`a concentrated affinity`. When affinity is high,one wants to get close to the loved one.When affinity is low,one wants to get away.When affinity is highest,one can become the loved one.So,we can say that affinity is a scale,where at the bottom it is hostile and at the highest levels,it is love.

  4. Ari,age 8 says:

    Love is when you feel for people.

  5. It is not an easy task,to not have negative affinity,with the people who have negative affinity with you.To avoid karma with them,try to achieve neutrality.When they throw the ball at you,sometimes it is best to drop it, rather than throwing it back.
    While one may define negative affinity as the lowest point of loving,one may also define negative affinity,as the absence of love.
    p.s.:sublimation of hostilities is a good thing.

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