Who Am I?


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5 Responses to oracledreamhealer

  1. David says:

    Each person can give a different answer to it,as each one has his own unique qualities and things he/she developed
    over the lifetimes.What is common to all of us is that we are all spirits with infinite potential and when we are ourselves,we are good and love to help.When we are not ourselves,we are less good and less able and less spiritual.

  2. John says:

    Once in Marbella,I was awoken from a deep siesta sleep,by a Spaniard on the street below shouting `Jo`[To be more phonetically accurate,`Jjoh!`] My dreamy presumption was that he was calling me.It jolted me awake.For a long time i stared at the wall of my room,paralyzed. Incredibly,my body was still asleep!I became aware that I had here a choice to either relax into the moment and see where it led,else force my body to move.I panicked and chose to do the latter.With great exertion of mental will,I eventually moved my consciousness back into my body.
    To this day ,I wonder what could have been revealed had I not fought to burst that magical bubble which had me enveloped.I believe that I had an experience with the nagual,that hot afternoon in Spain.

  3. Seeker says:

    This dream was lucid.Should I still be able to fly in all lucid dreams now?As long as I do the technique I learned?

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