I AM THE ORACLE-a guide to the divine

Gloria Eagle…Gloria Eagle…Gloria Eagle!

I offer my assistance to those seeking healing and enlightenment.This is a complete path to personal liberation.I channel the vibrations of Venus.I was trained by Carlos Castaneda   in The Art Of Dreaming.This is The Dream of all dreams! I invite you to answer the riddles on my blog. Private consultations and courses are available. Registration via my Email: oracledreamhealer@gmail.com   Here is my book: http://www.amazon.com/author/gloriaeagle

Peace from the heart of The Goddess.

Please note:The Oracle is a doctor of philosophy,as well.

Links:Venus.Moses.Carlos Castaneda. Goddess.

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20 Responses to I AM THE ORACLE-a guide to the divine

  1. oracledreamhealer says:


    If you are looking for a sage;
    There is someone in the mountains
    and that someone is I
    On which mountain?
    I do not know
    I am drunk…
    and I did not have wine!

  2. How many angels can dance on the tip of a needle?

  3. What does one see when one is not looking?

  4. What is the sound of three clapping hands?

  5. What is the weather in heaven today?

  6. When a man plays a game against himself and wins,is he a winner or a looser?

  7. There is more information and riddles in my main blog. You may find it quite revealing: https://oracledreamhealer.wordpress.com/about/

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