enlightenment and liberation


Know Thyself! Enlightenment and Soul Liberation.

Follow your heart…

Ascension and Soul Liberation: http://www.amazon.com/author/gloriaeagle

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  1. Seeker says:

    And do you see yourself reaching that sunlit peek?

    • When one achieves total knowledge of the entire contents/inventory of one`s mind,as well as complete knowledge of the mechanisms of the mind-all the ways in which it works;one becomes liberated of it.You are no longer controlled by the mind,but in control of it.When one is free of the tyranny of the mind and the illusions created by the mind,one experiences the bliss of union with the divine.Cosmic energies and intelligence would then flow through the individual,without obstruction.This is enlightenment.The jewel in the crown of existence.And yes,it can be achieved.

      • Seeker says:

        Like if a 8 year old kid wanted to know about what it means to be spiritually enlightened?
        idk,lol…just was wondering if we spend time simplifying how we would talk about the subject,maybe we would have a better understanding of it for ourselves?

  2. Human beings are able to achieve great heights,if they strive to perfect themselves.They can create marvels in the world and become great like gods.On the other hand,they may choose to pursue,what seems to be an easy and convenient life.This I explain to you,not to the 8 year old child,who is not ready for such a concept.
    You must strive to face the truth about yourself and your life.You must live with integrity.You must be careful and thoughtful to not harm others.You must work towards understanding the content and mechanisms of your mind.You must cultivate a silent mind [learn to stop the internal dialogue]and you must raise your energy and harmonize it with the energies of the cosmos.You must strive to remove all barriers between you and your divine self.When all these is achieved,you will be enlightened.A tall order indeed!But,even if you go part of the way,it is better than not trying at all.
    p.s.:If you have young children,they automatically rise to your level,as you raise your consciousness.

  3. Seeker says:

    I am me and that should be enough!

  4. Different people would give you different reasons.My answer is:We are here to evolve,until we have realized our full potential.When we realize our full potential as humans,we become gods [or semi gods]. But,ask the average person and they would tell you:I am here to have some fun,or they would say:I am here to fulfill my responsibilities.Enjoy life!

  5. Seeker says:


  6. Who are you asking this question?The enlightened or the unenlightened?
    The unenlightened need hope.Without it they would not survive.
    The enlightened are already fulfilled and therefore do not need the promise of a future fulfillment,which is hope.
    The enlightened would have no hope for themselves,but still would have hope for humanity.But then,again,who am I to know?

  7. Seeker says:

    How can that be achieved?[in life or it can be relevant to the soul]

    • True liberation is soul liberation.In an ultimate sense,this means that the soul has completed its earthly lessons and no longer needs to reincarnate in the flesh.Liberation is the result of inner processes,which lead the person to realizing his/her true nature.In order to achieve liberation,the seeker goes on a quest for spiritual knowledge.She or he meets with many teachers,practices many techniques,learns many disciplines,all of which lead her/him eventually,back to the authentic self.One must discover who one is, outside the definitions and illusions of society.Eventually,the individual consciousness merges with the cosmic consciousness.There are many spiritual teachings dealing with liberation.Every seeker must find her/his own individual way to liberation,but the assistance of enlightened beings and well tested teachings along the way,is necessary.Most seekers spend many life times on the path to liberation,before achieving it,as there are many pitfalls and detours along the way.I would say this:Treat all beings with respect.Love thyself.Know thyself.This would lead to the ending of your Karma and to true liberation.

  8. Seeker says:

    Specifically freedom from the experience of duality.

  9. Some souls are born to be free.Most souls are not brave enough to pursue a path leading to freedom.Of those who pursue freedom,most fail due to lack of proper knowledge or lack of discipline.The pressure of society on the individual to conform,can be enormous.Most people do not even realize that they are conformists,or what they are conforming to.Yes,there is danger in pursuing freedom,as society would oppose those who try to break out of the mold.No,there cannot be freedom without enlightenment.At least,a partial enlightenment.Without knowledge of oneself,the individual is slave to his subconscious desires and fears and to his beliefs and habits.So,it is imperative for those who seek freedom,to have substantial amount of self knowledge,if not enlightenment.We are speaking of inner freedom.Not of the circumstances of one`s life,which may or may not be oppressive.It is possible to experience non duality, without being enlightened.Many people experience moments of it during meditation,dancing,painting,love making,etc…they call it ecstasy or bliss.This,of course,is not enlightenment,but it gives a glimpse of it.

  10. Seeker says:


  11. Seeker says:

    I am in big dilemma.Please answer my questions:
    1]Does god really exist?
    2]If yes,why is he mastering peace and violence?
    3]does god have god?I think he has a god,from whom he is getting assignments to do,which is
    affecting us.
    4]Why does our life become so erratic,sometimes?
    5]Some say that, if we are experiencing something today,it is the result of our deeds in past lives.If it is so,what about the first creature?Why did it result in us,when the first creature had done no wrongs,and had no deeds to pay for,as it had not had incarnations before?
    8]How can I achieve a peaceful mind,when something disastrous is happening to us?

    Please answer…I am really dejected.

  12. 1]Yes,there is a God,but each person understands this concept, differently.There is an infinite intelligence emanating throughout the entire universe and every being.God is not an old man with a stick up there.It is beyond human conception and yet it is part of every one of us.
    2]God does not master peace and violence.It is us who do so.It is up to us to choose.If you follow false gods,they do promote violence.
    3]You are speaking of a secondary god,who mediates between us and the supreme God.As for myself,I only take instructions from the supreme God.
    4]We are in a hurry to achieve some temporary gains.Chasing illusions.
    5]Human beings have been breaking the laws of the universe,right from the beginning.Creating Karma for themselves,starting from the first incarnation.Evolution is a process of trial and error.Not even the babies are innocent.
    6]Just do your best.Try to change what you can and accept what you cannot change.Nothing stays the same,so this too shall pass.I am sorry to hear that you suffer.Meditate regularly.
    Remember that we are not the body,we just live in the body for a while.If the humans reject you,try to strengthen your connection to your higher self/spirit.

  13. Seeker says:


  14. There is personal truth and there is universal truth.There is subjective truth and there is objective truth.There is material truth and spiritual truth.There is relative truth and absolute truth.There is convenient truth and the inconvenient truth,which we may not want to face.

  15. Before the world was born
    I was a virgin.
    Hell, it wasn’t easy!
    But now, my innocence is ruined,
    Hail, thunder and storm
    Nothing can restore it.

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