I am The Oracle- a guide to the divine. I offer my assistance to those seeking healing and enlightenment. This is a complete path to personal liberation. I channel the vibrations of Venus. I was trained in the ART OF DREAMING  by Carlos Castaneda. This is The Dream of all dreams!

You are invited to answer my riddles, on this blog. Private consultations and courses are available. Inquiries and registration are via my Email: oracledreamhealer@gmail.com

Announcing the arrival of my book: Ascension: A Seeker’s Guide to Soul Liberation.  https://www.amazon.com/author/gloriaeagle   Kindle is available for downloading. You can also  request the book directly from me, via my email.

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57 Responses to About THE ORACLE

  1. Eternity is a long time…I am getting tired.

  2. How many angels can dance on the tip of a needle?

  3. What is the sound of three clapping hands?

  4. What does one see when one is not looking?

    • David says:

      If you mean “when the eyes are closed” then different people see different things.
      Some see darkness, some see a picture of the environment, some see the environment,
      some see random pictures in the mind. Most see their mind, even the darkness is in the mind and is a kind of a block of perception in the mind.

    • Juan Santana Eagle Flying In The Thunder Clouds Wupsili Contreras says:

      the future

    • Teira Naahi says:

      Reality… … …

    • David says:

      “Love” is “life”. It’s the pure energy that makes all the life forms live.
      While the ability to love is unlimited each person has blocks which reduce his capacity, once there are no blocks you get a free being and an expansion of love.
      Another definition for love is “a concentrated affinity” when affinity is high one wants to get close to the loved one, when affinity is low one wants to get away. When affinity is highest one can become the loved one. So we can say that affinity is a scale where at the bottom it is hostile and at the highest levels it is love.

      • It is not an easy task to not have negative affinity, with the people who have negative affinity with you.To avoid karma with them,try to achieve neutrality.When they throw the ball at you,sometimes it is best to drop it rather than throwing it back.
        While one may define negative affinity as the lowest point of loving,one may also define negative affinity as the absence of love.

      • ARI,AGE 8 says:

        Love is when you feel for people.

      • stefano says:

        Love is the voice u hear inside, even ur ego would like to reject, love ask u to keep it, her he. This voice is God. Love is God

      • kevinosborne says:

        Wavelength passing through, for one, Occupying the same space, for another. One is emotion and the other is sharing God. My opinion.

    • Jake says:

      I Am the One True Love That Is spirit.

    • Love is having enough courage and inner power to to break all the rules of this illusion at any cost, to give a chance to your fellow man to save himself.

    • David says:

      Each person can give a different answer to it as each one has his own unique qualities and things he/she developed over the lifetimes. The common to all of us is that we are all spirits with infinite potential and when we are ourselves we are good and love to help. When we are not ourselves we are less good and less able and less spiritual.

    • Al√°n@ says:

      Who are you? Who means “named” —- what is your real name yo you? That is where your answer lies.

      • A name is just a label agreed upon. A name is not an identity;it is an identifier. Names are not “real”. They are the post marks on the envelop. They can be changed.

  5. John says:

    Once in Marbella, I was awoken from a deep siesta sleep by a Spaniard on the street below shouting ‘Jo!’ (To be more phonetically accurate, ‘Jjoh!’) My dreamy presumption was that he was calling to me. It jolted me awake. For a long time I stared at the wall of my room, paralysed. Incredibly, my body was still asleep! I became aware that I had here a choice: to either relax into the moment and see where it led, else force my body to move. I panicked and chose to do the latter. With great exertion of mental will, I eventually moved my consciousness back into my body. To this day, I wonder what would have been revealed had I not fought to burst that magical bubble which had me enveloped. I believe that I had an experience with the nagual, that hot
    afternoon in Spain.

  6. What is the weather today in heaven?

  7. If a man plays a game against himself and wins,is he a winner or a loser?

  8. stefano says:

    Love is ……… , never have to forgive ur love

  9. Do I need a teacher to move onwards?

    • We all need teachers in life. Anyone can be a teacher to us: a dog,a bird,a tree,a child,an old man. It all depends on what one wants to learn. For dreamers,dreams are a source of guidance and healing. When you are ready,you will find a teacher compatible with your predilection and aspirations.
      P.S. as far as your nightmares are concerned,it would be better not to analyze them too much and not to focus on them. Just get the message from the dreams and focus on generating positive dreams. I can tell you from experience that too much analysis does not lead to healing. On the contrary.

      • Thank you for your insight. I have found a site (The Nagual Forum) which may provide the answers I am looking for by reading the experiences of people who are actively dreaming. I will leave it up to you whether you want to post a link. I do believe it helped me to reach out to you. I feel like I have changed directions finally. Peace to your Spirit.

  10. Juan Santana Eagle Flying In The Thunder Clouds Wupsili Contreras says:

    Hi! my name is Juan, I’m impressed and interested in the difference between my teachings and the teachings of Don Juan. I am part of the dreamers from the Ni-Mii-Pu (Nez Perce) Tribe of the northwest. We believe that the human body is just a test of kindness vs cruelty that determines where are next life stands. Your human body perished but the spirit (energy) continue to another life that suits your judgment

  11. Yes Juan- kindness is the first requirement of a human being. One must listen to one’s heart. The second requirement is knowledge- of oneself and of the world we live in. And last, but not least, is the quest for freedom.
    I have heard that your people have been decimated. How many of the Ni-Mii-Pu are alive today? There was a time when your tribe followed The Goddess,but not anymore. You have chosen your own limitations. Maybe your people have lost their faith.

  12. Announcing the arrival of my new book: Ascension: A Seeker’s Guide To Soul Liberation
    https://www.amazon.com/author/gloriaeagle Gloria Eagle is my pen name.

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  14. patrick says:

    I can begin with praise and thanks for being able to speak to the one who carries on the teachings of the Nagual- the naqual woman. it has been many years since I internalized the teachings and embarked upon the spiritual audit of these religions, only to find that my practices and remembrance still showed me that I believed fervently in all I had read in the teachings of Don Juan. As a devotional exercise, I first had to translate the book as it was in another language. As I look at my mechanical designs, I see they closely emulate the ideas of the transegrity movement. Is it folly to design a Kiva that allows for the physically demanding wall-running such as that of the dreaming sisters? Is not the simple substitution of a hammock for a bed the best lumbar curative in a word of allopathic treatment? Cannot the addition of a firm woven waist garment wrapped around the waist support the musculature of the abdominal wall and sustain better vertical support? As I see how the path of the warrior had been a literal path as a soldier, scholar and artist, I am reminded of how the search for more of the Nagual’s wisdom is rewarded by a query I seem to launch only years after I have fully recognized the gifts of the last epiphany. I can leave this message with my gratitude and belief.

  15. Regarding your article:
    “Natural Order, Cosmic Order And The Seeker”
    We are the Manataka American Indian Council, publishers of the Smoke Signal News.
    We ask for your permission to reprint the article in our July or August issue.
    Please respond at manataka@sbcglobal.net
    Thank you. ~Bonnie Whitecloud

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